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Team Functioning and Performance

We help your team to function and perform better:


How do we achieve this?

  1. We analyse your business case
    • ​​We identify and evaluate with you the potential improvement you can expect. This step helps us understand your  business and the specific project.
  2. We build a diagnosis beyond the obvious 
    • ​​​​We combine various techniques: interviews, tailor-made confidential surveys, data analysis, focus groups and systemic reflection.
    • Using these we build a diagnosis which extends beyond the obvious into the crucial group dynamics which are unspoken and often unrecognized.
    • The main purpose is to identify the real root causes behind any symptom of team under-performance which you (and we) believe can be improved.
  3. We share our insight
    • ​​The next crucial step in our approach is: to elicit a shared insight into what is really going on and trigger the will to address the root causes.
    • This dynamic team process also generates consensus and focus about first actions and priorities.
  4. We support you in taking action
    • ​Once this milestone has been reached, we design together your improvement program for project management and the most effective ways of working and communicating.
    • We then support you in implementing it.
  5. We help you to transform your culture
    • We believe that change management must address collective and individual mindsets and not just processes.
    • Our approach generates shifts in professional behavior, which is the only way to embed the new culture.
    • We set up and facilitate workshops designed to transform personal and group behavior in a lasting way.
    • We also follow up the cultural transformation journey of your organization through leadership coaching.



Similarly but on a smaller scale we also design, organize and facilitate:

We clarify your expectations for the event with you and design the program accordingly.

We support all types of teams, from top management to operational teams.



We developed our own concept for SWOT(*) based workshops. This produces three main results in one integrated approach, so that you can:

Our method requires three team workshops to ensure effective and lasting results.

(*) SWOT: strategic analysis based on identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


With our specific methods and tools we help you clarify your company culture so that it can evolve or even transform in the direction you’d like it to go.


These shifts in company or team culture could be towards more boldness, more entrepreneurship or a safer behavior – or any other theme.


Whatever the new direction, it will have a direct, positive impact on results.



Only a quarter of all mergers ultimately deliver the expected results. Half of them end in failure.


Most often, this is due to a lack of attention and investment in issues below the waterline or in the cultural integration of the merging organizations.


We can intervene either upfront or post-merger and help you to be one of that quartile of successful mergers.



Leadership coaching helps develop an all-inclusive view. It triggers insights and creates the desire and will to act upon them.


Team Motivation innovatively and effectively combines institutional transformation based counseling and management consulting. 


This same targeted combination of approaches and methods - enhanced with our experience-based strategic consulting - enables us to deliver valuable insights and advice to new entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as to long-term business leaders or any manager in need of re-balancing his or her leadership capacities.



Based on our passion and knowledge of motorcycle sports we combine rider mental coaching with team dynamics consulting for top performance.

Riders are top athletes who operate in a very complex and demanding environment. They need both harmony and structure in order to deliver top performance.