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Our team, by Bruno
Our team, by Bruno
Our team, by Bruno


Bruno has built up  an extensive and diverse business experience in various senior management positions in the European steel industry (HR and change management, finance, controlling and business intelligence, joint ventures and post-merger integration, quality management, purchasing, engineering, e-business) in Belgium, Spain and Luxemburg.


Working as a consultant since 2009, Bruno has developed a passion for improving team functioning and performances. 

He has specialized in: 

  • Diagnosing organizational culture
  • Designing and leading transformation programs or workshops with a specific focus on team culture in order to achieve sustainable performance improvement
  • Strategic consulting
  • Diversity, inclusion and balanced leadership
  • Counseling and coaching both individuals and groups


Bruno is a Civil Engineer (Ghent), has completed an Executive Master’s in Management from Solvay and the Advanced Management Program from Insead, and is also a certified consultant in Institutional Transformation from IFSI (Paris, together with the University of Bath).


Bruno works in French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish.


Bruno also works as partner at MyCo@ach https://www.psyatwork.com/, the innovative AI supported solution that makes individual coaching available to every employee

He also regularly co-creates and co-directs Group Relations Conferences, like Leadership, Contact & Conflict - working beneath the surface https://www.eur.nl/sites/corporate/files/2021-02/lcc-brochure-oct-2021.pdf

Based on his initial industrial and engineering background, Bruno also contributes to the energy transition, as the Benelux sales agent of Rebaro Fernwärmetechnik https://www.rebaro.de/



Bruno is actively involved in:As a Board member of IAGP International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes https://www.iagp.com/




+32 479 550 105


Ingrid has broad experience in many different areas.

She has worked as an in-house journalist and public relations officer in different companies and has been liaison manager for a personnel and accountancy department in a research center.

She has a Master’s degree in Criminology (University of Ghent, Belgium).

After her business career she attended the School for Family Relations in Brussels and became a certified mediator in personal affairs at the University of Ghent. As a freelance journalist she has written articles on social and philosophical themes.


With Bruno, Ingrid is co-founder of Team Motivation Consulting because she has a passion for what makes people change and develop.

She specializes in personal coaching:

  • Coaching of people with personal motivation issues to allow them to grow, achieve their unknown potential and recognize their creativity
  • Conflict mediation in personal issues
  • Individual guidance in times of crisis


Ingrid is actively involved in:

  • MaTRIS Matrix for the Transformation of Roles and Social Innovation
  • PIN Praxis International Network





+32 472 460 829


Ana María brings to Team Motivation her deep, extensive experience in assisting the personal transformation of individuals and other human systems (groups, teams, etc.).

As a clinician with more than 23 years of practice in the field of mental health, she has developed an outstanding capacity for listening to, understanding and dealing with complex interactive dynamics. Her experience has brought her to believe strongly in the existence of an innate tendency, a kind of inner wisdom, toward realization, creativity, balance and harmony in all human systems. Her passion is to boost that capacity in individuals and organizations.

In 2009, Ana María started her own consulting project, VocAcción, which she still leads. Its mission is to create and maintain healthy institutions and to fulfil the training needs and the personal and professional development of the people who work in them.

She has been praised for combining both an acute reflective capacity and outstanding intuition which makes her an excellent diagnostician both in the case of individual and organizational clients' situations.

Along her career she has enjoyed roles as consultant, clinician, trainer, researcher, mentor/supervisor, clinical manager and service quality manager. Apart from her various skills, what really sets her apart is that she combines these skills with an excellent knowledge base and conceptual ability that she can communicate and teach to others.


Ana María specializes in:

  • Diagnosis of both individual and organizational clients' situations
  • Putting forward work plans to promote and advance the client’s process of personal and institutional transformation according to their desires, intentions and mission; assisting and accompanying them
  • Advising and consultancy services "beyond" coaching and counseling


Ana Maria is founder and director of VocAcción

Ana María is currently involved in:

  • PBAUK Pesso Boyden Association UK

  • APAG Asociación de Psicoterapia Analítica Grupal

  • IFSI International Forum for Social Innovation





+34 620 974 657



Ana María Ruiz Sancho

Directora VocAcción
Consultora de la vida laboral, procesos de grupo e instituciones